Why should I support the HR66 PBID?


Property & Business Improvement Districts have been used by property owners throughout California since 1994, and throughout the United States since the 1970s. They are a popular, and successful, way to provide funds for extra services. Many studies have been conducted on the benefits of PBIDs. The goals of the PBID are to maintain the area as a safe and inviting environment, to bring more tenants and

shoppers, ultimately increasing property values and stabilizing occupancy. Studies have found that:


  • More activity attracts more people which increase rents and property values creating more business opportunity which means more activity and people on the street, and so on


  • Customers and residents may feel more comfortable and safer within PBIDs that have less obvious signs of litter, graffiti, and abandoned cars.


  • Areas that have successfully implemented a PBID are attracting a larger number of visitors to that area than the residential population.


  • PBIDs have been important tools in halting a long slide toward economic decline in specific districts and transforming older areas into new opportunities for investment.


  • A stronger sense of place that accompanies cleaner streets encourages patronage and has increasingly positive repercussions in PBID areas.


  • Businesses consider quality-of-life issues to be more important factors in choosing a location than they do tax rates and real-estate prices.


  • PBID areas experienced greater, on average, yearly reductions in the number of robbery, violent, and total crimes that non-PBID areas do.


  • PBIDs in the City of L.A were associated with 6–10 percent reductions in official crime.

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