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Please Blog about Hollywood Route 66!

Please Blog about Hollywood Route 66!


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  • Jeff Zarrinnam
    commented 2013-11-25 18:31:49 -0800
    ROUTE 66, from Chicago to Santa Monica, goes through 8 states ( Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona & California) and spans approximately 2500 miles.

    California’s span of ROUTE 66 is approximately 300 miles.

    ROUTE 66, in Hollywood, is Santa Monica Boulevard and spans 3.4 miles from Hoover on the east end to La Brea on the west end.

    The Proposed HOLLYWOOD ROUTE 66 BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT (H R 66 B I D), spanning from Hoover on the east end to Vine on the west end, is 2.4 miles. The HOLLYWOOD MEDIA DISTRICT (BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT) includes Hollywood’s ROUTE 66 section, spanning from Vine on the east end to La Brea on the west end— a distance of 1 mile.

    There are about 40 Business Improvement Districts (B I Ds), within the City of Los Angeles and 5 of those B I Ds are located in Hollywood: EAST HOLLYWOOD B I D, HOLLYWOOD ENTERTAINMENT DISTRICT B I D, MEDIA DISTRICT B I D, MELROSE B I D and SUNSET + VINE B I D. The PROPOSED HOLLYWOOD ROUTE 66 BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT ( H R 66 B I D ) would become Hollywood’s 6th B I D.

    The Proposed H R 66 B I D will empower private property and business owners to work with government officials and establish higher levels of services, which will be specifically tailored to the needs of the area. The Proposed H R 66 B I D will be dedicated solely to improving the business and physical environment of the proposed district, by representing the proposed district’s property and business owners, in beneficial ways.

    Primary Goals of the Proposed H R 66 B I D are: 1.) Promote Growth by Increasing Pedestrian Traffic, 2.) Revitalize this Historic Corridor and 3.) Enhance Property Values.

    Of course, expected to be found, along HOLLYWOOD’S stretch of ROUTE 66, are Entertainment Industry affiliated and support businesses, such as: L. A. Rehearsal Studios, New Media Hollywood Rentals & Support Services, Omega Cinema Props, Paramount Recording Studios and Linoleum City, which supplies red carpets for premiers and special events, as well as flooring treatments for film sets. Additionally, there are Film and Music Company offices, located in buildings and performing venues, like the Lounge Theatre, fronting the Proposed H R 66 B I D.

    Since ROUTE 66 is a highway, obviously accommodating automobile traffic, it is not unusual, even in HOLLYWOOD, to have automobile-related businesses, operating along a commercial span. There are numerous automobile repair, parts and tire shops, included in the Proposed H R 66 B I D.

    In addition to parcels being utilized for government and public services, such as for a large street light maintenance facility, for a library and for several schools, there are about 195 private sector commercial parcels, on which at least 275 businesses operate, located along the Proposed H R 66 B I D. The following described businesses, reflect the variety of commerce generated in the Proposed H R 66 B I D: appliance stores, architect and design studios, automobile body and engine repair shops, automobile parts and tire shops, bakeries, bars, beauty and hair salons, business offices, carpet and floor covering galleries, clothing stores, dental clinics, electric supply and lighting shops, entertainment industry resource companies, entertainment venues, florists, furniture stores, garment cleaners and laundromats, grocery and liquor stores, healthcare facilities, a historic cemetery, a historic church, a historic hotel, insurance offices, medical clinics, office buildings, party rental and supply stores, pet shops, phone stores, printing shops, real estate offices, restaurants, retail shopping plazas, shoe stores, sports stores, swap meet stores, thrift stores and tobacco stores. There are also notable and prominent residential buildings located in the Proposed H R 66 B I D. A vibrant commercial centerpiece, in the Proposed H R 66 B I D, will be one of Hollywood’s largest and newest building projects, which will be developed by Continental Development Group and will span from St. Andrews Place on the east end to Wilton Place on the west end of Santa Monica Boulevard.

    The Proposed H R 66 B I D has been endorsed by the California Historic Route 66 Association and the Route 66 (National) Alliance.