A beautiful streetscape along Hollywood Route 66 will Improve commerce.

The proposed HOLLYWOOD ROUTE 66 PROPERTY AND BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT (HR66PBID) will advocate, as its main function, the creation of streetscape improvements along Santa Monica Boulevard, between Hoover Avenue and Vine Street.

The proposed HR66PBID will empower private property and business owners to work with government officials and establish higher levels of services, which will be specifically tailored to the needs of the area.  HR66PBID will be dedicated solely to improving the business and physical environment of the proposed district by benefitting property owners.

Within the proposed district, property owners have voiced their concern that there is a greater need for services along Santa Monica Boulevard than can be provided with limited government funds.  Without an investment from the private sector, stakeholders and commercial property and business owners, within the proposed district, may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage, compared to other areas.  The proposed HR66PBID can address this gap and provide owners and customers with a well managed, inviting atmosphere for conducting business. 

The goal of the proposed HR66PBID is to promote growth by increasing pedestrian traffic, revitalizing this historic corridor and enhancing property values.